NEPA Paranormal Society

Stop Asking Yourself "What If"


About us

We are a small Non-Profit Paranormal Research Team straight from Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) Founded by Jerry Wickizer and Matt Myers. We don't go out to prove a haunting, We try to dismiss a haunting with common things thought to be Paranormal but some things we just cant Debunk, We are a scientific team we use Digital Voice Recorders, Digital Cameras, EMF Detectors, Non Contact Thermometers, 4 IR Camera's hooked to a 4 Channel DVR and other devices to study the Paranormal. We want to help anyone that is having problems with Noises, Weird shadows, Stuff being moved, Being touched in the middle of the night, Or anything that you may think is out of the ordinary, If you think that you are having problems with the Paranormal just let us know! We Will Perform A Investigation At Your Location For FREE! We Want To Help!!!! We also love to Investigate old abandoned houses and buildings! If you know of any, We would love to for you to tell us about them! Email us at



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